Henna Pinches, the founder

Henna Pinches Pilates

Henna Pinches is the founder and Pilates instructor at Pinches Pilates. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic classical Pilates instructor with professional dance background. She was born and raised in Finland where she began her Pilates teacher training. Her love of movement comes through her teaching and she enjoys seeing her clients learning and discovering new ways to move.

One of Henna’s favourite Pilates principles is precision. She believes that quality is always more important than the quantity! Her detailed instruction promotes the exact and correct form, leaving no body part unattended.

Henna qualified as a comprehensive Pilates instructor with Peak Pilates, one of the world’s leading Pilates training and equipment providers. Her qualifications extend from classical mat Pilates to studio apparatus. Later on in 2018, Henna qualified as a Pre and Postnatal Pilates instructor from Pilates Foundation. Henna believes in the importance of educating herself, and is always learning new skills as an instructor.

Currently Henna teaches around Northampton and in Market Harborough. She also offers classes online, and teaches in English and Finnish.

The Studio

Reformer one to ones

Reformer sessions are held at a Summerhouse in a beautiful private garden in Kingsthorpe, Northampton.

The Summerhouse benefits from natural light and has full privacy. Sessions are taught in Align Pilates studio reformer plus spine corrector, stability ball and sometimes other small Pilates equipment such as Pilates circle.

Group classes

Reformer group classes are held at the Old Dairy Pilates studio in Lamport.

The maximum capacity in a reformer group classes are 4 people allowing the teacher to give individual instructions and attention to every student!