Mum and Baby Pilates

Mum and Baby reformer Pilates classes are offered at the Old Dairy Pilates Studio in Lamport, Northamptonshire.
Mum and Baby Pilates classes are for women after 6 weeks of birth and clearance from your GP to exercise. These classes are the best way to start your Pilates practice after pregnancy and childbirth, and will give you tools to improve your postnatal recovery whilst meeting with other local Mums.

What is Mum and Baby Pilates?

These classes are created to support you through the first 9 months of motherhood and beyond. The classes focus on strengthening abdominals as well as pelvic floor for an optimal postnatal recovery. The exercises will be tailored to suit your individual needs as all births are different.

Your baby can be next to you on a blanket, or bring a carrycot or car seat. You might need to change your baby or feed them during the class which is absolutely fine as the classes are held in a relaxed atmosphere. You are welcome to join the classes even if your children are older but you have had postnatal complications.

What are the benefits of Mum and Baby Pilates?

These classes help you to connect with your pelvic floor and abdominal wall, as well as teaching you about breathing techniques to release tension. Classes can help avoid and decrease symptoms of conditions such as Diastasis Recti, PGP and carpal tunnel syndrome following pregnancy. Classes provides education about the pelvic floor, which can help recovery from childbirth.

Who are Mum and Baby Pilates classes for?

For mums with their babies who want specialised classes to support their postnatal recovery. In Mum and Baby classes, you will learn safe and effective ways to gain back strength and improve your posture whilst releasing any tension from the body.

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