Pregnancy Reformer Pilates

Pregnancy Reformer Pilates classes are suitable for women at any stage of pregnancy once they are past the first 12 weeks, providing they have not been advised not to exercise. No previous experience in Pilates required, the class is suitable for beginners as well as those with an some experience in Pilates. If in doubt, just e-mail or talk to me before signing up.

This course is running on Friday mornings at 7:30-8:30am at The Old Dairy Reformer Pilates Studio in Lamport.

What is Pregnancy Pilates?

Pregnancy Pilates is more gentle than normal Pilates classes as it is created specifically for pregnant women to prepare their bodies and minds for the birth and beyond. Pregnancy Pilates helps you to connect to your breath to bring relaxation during pregnancy and in labour. Exercises will be adapted as your pregnancy progress to ensure you can still do them safely. Pregnancy Pilates improves strength and stability of the core to help to support the postural demands during pregnancy.  Pregnancy Pilates focus on the relaxation part more than normal Pilates classes, it also aligns body for the optimal foetal position.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Pilates?

Classes will support you with the physical changes of pregnancy, prepare you for the birth, and can aid easier and quicker postnatal recovery. This class is low impact and gentle, increasing energy and endorphin levels. Classes provide education about the pelvic floor that can help during labour and during recovery from childbirth. Pregnancy Pilates improves postural and muscular support in functional movements during pregnancy and with baby.

In these classes, you can enjoy the community atmosphere and meet other mums to be. There are only limited spaces available for the class as the teacher designs a program taking into account the stage of pregnancy and individual pregnancy condition.

Can anyone do Pregnancy Pilates?

Yes if you are pregnant and past 12 weeks of pregnancy. You can join up to delivery time.   

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