Reformer Pilates One to One

What is Reformer Pilates?

What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates?

Professional athletes, sports men/women at all levels and anyone who leads an active lifestyle can benefit from Reformer Pilates which makes the body less prone to injuries; increasing flexibility, improving muscle recovery, enabling a greater range of motion and better balance.

Reformer Pilates is also suitable for people with injuries or as a part of rehab program. A root of many injuries is muscular imbalance in the body. Poor posture and the way we move when there is muscular imbalance causes the body to be more prone to be injured again. Reformer Pilates improves the spinal and pelvic alignment for better posture, which is critical especially during recovery.

Reformer Pilates is a versatile and whole body workout challenging the whole body. There are over one hundred exercises created for the reformer on the classical Pilates repertoire and they are all built upon the other. The exercises are done in all different levels: lying, sitting, kneeling, and even standing.

Like mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates builds greater flexibility, endurance and strength. It also helps you to learn breathing more efficiently and therefore improves lung capacity and circulation.

Can anyone do Reformer Pilates?

Yes! Reformer Pilates is suitable for any age and fitness level. Reformer Pilates is unique piece of an equipment as it can be adjusted accordingly for each individual. When working with injuries, the reformer is used as a supportive mechanism. With athletes and fitter clients, it is used to create greater resistance and instability to challenge the body more. 

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Reformer Pilates One to Ones are offered in a fully equipped studio, the Old Dairy Pilates studio in Lamport, Northamptonshire.

Reformer Pilates private sessions are ideal for anyone who would like individual teaching.  They are the best way to start your Pilates practice allowing Henna to observe your special physical needs. The sessions are then tailored to meet those special needs.

Whether your goal is to get stronger, more flexible or get rid of back pain, reformer Pilates can offer this and more!

Reformer is the most popular and could be the most important piece of apparatus used in a traditional Pilates studio.  Joseph H Pilates, the founder of Pilates method invented the first reformer using hospital beds, taking springs from the beds and rigging them to create spring resistance. Joseph Pilates found that he could enhance the circulation and healing by moving the injured limbs in ranges patients could not otherwise perform. He was able to restore joint function and muscular strength by re-educating the body.

Today, the reformers still have a bed-like frame with a carriage that slides on top. The carriage is attached to the frame by the springs that creates resistance as the carriage is moved by the client. Springs can be adjusted as required by the client.

On the other end of the frame are straps that are used to be held by the feet or hands. The springs, foot bar and the straps allow exercise to be carried out from various positions. The nature of the reformer is to both challenge and support the body – and to absorb new and healthier movement patterns.