Flow is the fifth fundamental Pilates principle and is as important than all the other the five principles. Flow is one of my favourite principles because it can make your practise more enjoyable, and like a dance!

Pilates principles are to improve your mind-body connection, to polish your technique and to enhance the quality of your Pilates workout. Use these principles when you practise Pilates to connect your mind with your body to truly enjoy the benefits of Pilates, both physically and mentally.

The Cambridge dictionary describes the word “flow” as to move into one direction especially continuously and easily. Classical Pilates exercises are created to flow from one to another creating continuity of movement. When you apply flow principle to your practise, the exercises will flow from one to another seamlessly and effortlessly.

When exercises are done with the flow, there will be more continuity of movement, less interruptions and breaks during or between exercises. Working with the flow allows a more graceful, fluid and seamless way of moving that is one of the main goals in Pilates.

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